I had this weird dream yesterday.

I lived in a middle school–it looks like the school I went to in my teens. I bought a snail from a snail farm and ate it raw. After eating it, it came to my mind that the government called people to not eat wild animals raw because of the recent public health crisis.

I went into a panic and went out to try to buy some medicine. I remembered there was a pharmacy right next to the gate of the school. After arriving at the gate, I found there was a guard. He said he was in charge of the campus' "epidemic prevention."

"Can I go out?" I asked. "Not now, we need to wait for enough people to pass at a time," he answered. "How many?" "See this woman?" he pointed at a young lady in red. "She will be the intersection of an 'X,' and we need enough people to form up the axes so that we can do the 'epidemic prevention' dance," said he. I didn't understand but I chose to keep silent and wait.

Finally we had around 12 people and, according to the guard, we had reached a "quorum." We stood around the lady and formed an X. The guard stood on a stand to direct us. We were told to sing the government's slogans about their public health movement and dance to the music from the loudspeaker. I felt it stupid and refused to do anything.

A man standing next to me said I was selfish to disobey orders. "If you don't dance, none of us can go out," he said. "Just pretend to be dancing and you don't have to sing. I'm begging you." I cooperated and started to wave my hands.

But that was apparently not enough for the guard. He came to the crowd and handed over everyone a mobile phone. "Sing to the phone so that I can hear you," he shouted at us and went back to his stand. Then the music started again and people restarted dancing. I noticed that when the guard was directing us, the gate was left unwatched.

I believed everything was just part of their red tape and that I could just pass the gate and leave. So I began to run. I ran into the street and found it was just like the street in the town where I grew up. I looked back and found there was nobody chasing me. It was dark but I soon found the pharmacy which has a conspicuous red sign. I went into it. But there was no one there. I found a room inside the pharmacy and open the door. I found it was a ward and there were a few nurses taking care of a patient. "What happened and why there is a ward inside a pharmacy?" I asked them. They were shocked by my intrusion and asked me: "What are you doing here?" I said I wanted some pills because I ate a snail raw. "Wash your hands first," one of them shouted.

So I went to a bathroom right next to the ward. It was narrow and I could hardly make myself stand inside it without touching the toilet. As I was washing my hands, there was a man knocking the door and said his son wanted to use the bathroom. I said I was almost done and he said they could not wait. They opened the door anyway and both of them came into the bathroom. I tried to leave at once but couldn't make my way out. And then there were more people trying to enter the gate until the room became a sardine can.